The majority of our products are antique and vintage items and all of our rugs are handmade and one of a kind. This means that imperfections, irregularities and signs of wear are to be expected. We believe that the small imperfections are what makes these rugs special and unique setting them apart from machine made counterparts!

Handwoven rugs will often show slight variation in weave, size and colour throughout the rug, which is normal and can be attributed to slight human errors by the weavers who made them. Some rugs may get slightly thinner or wider, so we always take measurements at the longest and widest points. Your rug may have had repairs made to it, which is also normal for antique and vintage rugs. 

We try to give as accurate a portrayal as possible of the rugs and their colourings.  Photos are taken in good natural light and we aim to clearly display all signs of wear, but there will be some variation in colour and brightness due to different screen displays. 

Our handmade rugs are very robust, many of them have already lasted generations and have decades of life left, so they are real investment pieces. With the right care we hope they will grace your floors for many years to come! We always recommend using rug pads to keep rugs in place as well as protecting your rug and your floors. We also recommend moth protecting your rugs using a spray and vacuuming them regularly. 

All of our rugs are professionally cleaned before shipping to you. For any spills and stains, it's best to treat these immediately by spot cleaning using a mild or natural soap and water. We also recommend shaking out your rug every couple of months and giving it a good professional cleaning about every 5 years. If you have any questions about caring for one of our rugs, get in touch at